Pork Shoulder

Small Spit – feeds 20-30 people

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Combo Spit – feeds up to 50-80 people

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Whole Lamb – feeds 50-80 people

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AboutAbsolute Spit Hire

Our Services range from DIY Spit Roast to Fully Catered Events. We can accommodate all events including, Corporate Functions (Year End or Team Building), Weddings, Birthday Parties, Buck’s Nights, Outdoor Events etc. We can spit roast Absolutely Anywhere.

Our Absolutely Awesome team will make sure to give you an exciting, energetic and personalised service. If you are looking to create an enthusiastic and fun vibe at your event, then look no further than the friendly and talented team at Absolute Spit Hire!

We have the skills and knowledge to set up our services at any location, be it your home, indoors or outdoors and we are able to cater to pretty much any number of guests. We thrive on challenges and we will take on any project, no matter how big or small… there is nothing we cannot do!

At Absolute, we offer an affordable service and work within your budget to deliver the best meals and service possible. Let us do the work while you sit back, relax and enjoy your event.

‘Quality’ is central to our work-ethic and our service. We prepare only the highest quality and freshest food. All of your meals is prepared in the cleanest and most hygienic of environment and we are a company that prides itself on health, freshness and “lekker-ness”! and we will always ensure that you and your guests are provided with enough food, so be certain to make room for a second or third helping with us!


Absolutespit hire

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